We’re lucky to have an IKEA in the Sacramento area, as well as all the other sources of flat pack furniture.  Flat pack is way easier for you to slide into your car, or have shipped to you, but once you get it inside your home, that’s where the fun starts…right?

Problems Assembling Flat Pack

Furniture Assembly takes time, some lifting, and a bit of patience.  If you’ve ever tried putting together your own furniture, you know it can be a time consuming and frustrating task.

One of the issues I commonly see is the furniture becomes loose and wobbly over time because the screws and connections were not properly tightened.  If you never intend to disassemble it again, try using some wood glue at the joint.   I always keep glue with me to solve this problem before it happens.

Flat Pack Instructions Can Be Confusing

Another issue I’ve seen on customer assembled furniture was that the incorrect screw was used and it screwed completely through the wood ruining the finish. It’s easy to do because there are so many parts and it’s not always clear what is what.

It’s funny how much can get lost in translation.  Sometime you wonder if they even tried.  So if you’re wondering what language it is, or what do the drawings and dotted lines mean, schedule me to assemble it.  I have assembled many of these so I know how to interpret the sometimes minimal instructions and use the parts correctly.  You will have your furniture assembled correctly, using the proper tools and years of experience.

Here are some of the most commonly requested furniture assembly services.

IKEA Furniture Assembly

Desk Assembly

Bed Assembly

Dresser Assembly

Cabinet Assembly

Bookshelf Assembly

Swing Set Assembly

Bench Assembly

and much more…

Whether you need something assembled or installed for your home or office (or as a display item for your store or special promotion) I have you covered.  I can assemble and install just about anything.

I offer a furniture assembly service to make your life easier and more enjoyable.  Don’t worry about it for another second, give us a call today to set up an appointment!